SCAV : Scavanger

Slo Decay  :Born :  June 17th 1984 (Gemini , Year of the Wood Rat)

First and foremost i am an artist , i am as well an Occultist, Metal head ,Rivet head, Madman , Hedonist ,Deviant. "I am the Devil. and i am here to do his good work." I am pretty sure i will offend you. just assume it will happen, that is my job. to make things that push buttons. and to talk shit in the name of expression. to make you think via visual stamina to make you question your beliefs. or to masturbate (if your into that kind of thing )to visually inspire you in some way shape or form. i will be trashy, i will be classy, there will be no filters. pure unadulterated madness streamed from the abyss. I am an artist . Welcome to the ongoing creation that is Junk City.

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