If you are like me. if you feel as i do. you see the truth of this world. it is poisoned by belief's you never wanted, it is infested with morals not of your own and the wasteland, nuclear war, total fucking chaos is a wet dream. this is my world. my coping mechanism to survive a world intoxicated on poisonous religions and moral values. Junk City is a place of freedom. of expression with no limits , of war and pestilence , where Flesh is the only law . i am an artist and a Scavenger (SCAV) i take what i find from street curbs and other disposable (by society's standards) materials and i upcycle them into something of darkness,of function. and of beauty. as of this moment , as you are reading this, you are on the precipus of the fringe. an looking into an abyss of untold wonders not made for the profane where flesh and art are mutually exclusive and Death is the only permanence. infernal inspiration thrives here. where Daemons are the hero. and god does not exist.  

Gallery 1 : Examples of my photography (summer 2015 year of the goat)

Gallery 2 :  My Artwork and Creations