Till further notice i will not be useing Facebook. it has made me numb and i feel i need to just not utilize a service where by its nature it makes people less personable , and gives a reason for people to not be active with one another on a real world level. it isnt myspace where you could personalize almost every aspect of a profile. where you could use an alias and feel somewhat safe in the knowledge that your personal information is not out there . the fact that Facebook and the way it runs is completely corupt. where anything you say or do can be used against you. there are so many aspects of how facebook runs that makes me very uncomfortable. and honestly the one big thing about facebook that makes it even more paranoia injected is that i cannot use an alias. and to reactivate my account i had to send facebook moderators my government issued identification card. which to me. feels really grey area legal/borderline illegal. if you wish to contact me i will be utilizing my Twitter , Tumblr, Fetlife, and OkCupid.

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im still extremely Raw by the fact i was forced to give Facbook my government issued identification to regain access to my account. i think it is wrong. and i feel that my privacy has been Violated by this service.

- Slo Decay ( Pale Horse )